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Hive Rules

Hive is an area where all guild members gather their turf. Here in B_S family, we treat our hive like a family home where we all live and work together to meet our guild/family needs. That's why we set some rules for our members.

Here are the following rules:
  • Must respect all fellow guild members
  • Must be at our hive at all times, unless R5's approval
  • Bullies, Assholes, and Freeloaders are not welcome in our guild
  • Tile hitting is not allowed
  • You need to message all members if you are planning to change your name unless nicknames remain the same.
  • Don't be selfish help your fellow guildmates by all means.

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Sheltering & Shielding

Shield is a usable item that protects Turfs from scouts and attacks. Shelter is the building where you place your hero leader and troops so that they are protected if your castle is attacked. Sheltering and Shielding are very important in this guild. The logic behind every single castle in our hive staying shielded is to keep the hive burners away. You are required to be shielded 24/7 at all costs. All unshielded castle will be burned by fellow guild-mates and you are at risk of being kicked if you are habitually unshielded

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Migrating & Relocating

Migration scroll is to travel away from your current kingdom and off to another kingdom. Relocator is a unique item that allows a player to teleport to another location within their current Kingdom. These two items are very essential to our guild. Once you join our guild you must migrate or relocate your castle to our hive ASAP and make sure to save a migration scroll and relocator in case R5's decides to migrate or relocate to a different kingdom/location in the future.

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Colosseum Rule

In the Colosseum, players can send a team of five heroes to battle against other players in the same Kingdom. Our guild rule in Colosseum is very simple, DO NOT BATTLE FELLOW GUILD-MATES. We all know that this is always happening in the Colosseum. So, we highly recommend that members need to be careful and very attentive in choosing their opponent. Multiple offenses of this rule will lead to a temporary kick from the guild.

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Monster Hunt Rule

Monster hunt equal prizes, and prizes equal domination. Hunting monsters in Lords Mobile is vitally important because of the drops that they provide and hunting EFFICIENTLY will allow you to kill monsters much faster, cheaper and it can really bring you a strong advantage when growing within Lords Mobile. So, we set some rules for our guildmates to follow.

Here are the following rules:
  • All members must hunt daily
  • Use your full energy bar.
  • Do not steal monster from a fellow guild-mates
  • Do not hit a high-level monster, if you can't finish it.
  • If you run out of energy, post monster's coordinates so fellow guildmates can help you to finish it

Rallying Darknest Rules

A Darknest(DN) is a computer-generated castle that is scattered throughout the kingdom. Rallying a darknest is the best way to improve your war techniques. If you manage to defeat a darknest you will receive a Dark Essence(DE). Dark Essences can be converted into fantastic rewards.we have certain rules in rallying darkness.

Here are the following rules:

  • All online members must participate in DN rally.
  • Always follow rally leader's instructions.
  • If there are no instructions, check what the rally sent and copy.
  • If you have on T1 ad T2 troops, just send 1 troop of the correct type only.
  • If there is only 100 or less space left in the rally just send 1 troop only, so everyone can have an opportunity to join and get the essence.
  • Do not join Darknest(DN) rally, if you are far away from the hive.
  • Do not join 8 hrs. rallies.

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Guild Bank and Gathering
Guild Bank, where we store our guild-mates donations and excessive resources. So, all members need to donates to the bank. Gathering is one of the important tasks in this game unless you are a p2p(pay to play) player. Gathering from 5 resource tiles will provide you resources and materials that will help you to all upgrades, research, and forging gears. So, we always need to finish all the resource tiles when we gather. Unfinished resource tile is not acceptable to this guild. If ever you got caught, you will be temporarily be kicked and maybe a permanent kick if habitually doing it.

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Game chat & Line App

Game chat and Line app are used to this game bring people around the world close to each other. In this guild, interaction is very important. We encourage our members to communicate with each other by means of game chat and line app.

Here are the following rules:
  • Any type of BULLYING or NEGATIVITY has no place in-game chat and group chat. (AUTOMATIC KICK)
  • Must interact with fellow guild-mates whenever you are online.
  • In case you have any questions in gameplay or issues with fellow guild-mates, please feel to message R5's.
  • Immediate reply to all mail, only if you are asked to.